Saturday, August 29, 2015

Scholastic Book Orders

This year, we will be ordering books from Scholastic. This gives you the opportunity to by some great books for your child at incredible prices.

Each time you order, our class is awarded BONUS POINTS.  I use these bonus points to order books for our classroom library and other materials used by the students in class.

You have the option of ordering online (which is easy - and my favorite way), or you can send me your order and I will order it for you.  If you send me your order, you MUST write a check payable to SCHOLASTIC.  I will not accept cash.

To check out the great books offered by Scholastic, go ahead and click HERE to get to our classroom page.

Thank you for supporting our class by ordering....

FYI - We will be doing a reading challenge in September. Those books are available through the book order.  More info to come on the challenge.

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