Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Poetry - Calef Brown's Not Frankenstein

After reading the poem on page 27 in your October 2012 Storyworks, answer ALL of the following questions in the comments.

1. How would you describe the picture that illustrates “Calef Brown’s Not Frankenstein”? What mood do you think it creates? Explain.

2. “Not Frankenstein” has rhyming words and a rhythmic pattern. How would you describe the rhythm? What mood do you think the rhythm and rhymes create?

3. Why do you think Calef Brown wrote “Not Frankenstein”?

4.. How did reading “Not Frankenstein” make you feel? What is its mood?

5.  What details in the poem show that the character is like Frankenstein?


  1. 1. The picture is romantic. It creates a peaceful mood because the couch is relaxing and the pastel colors are also calming.

    2. The rhythm is very slow. The mood it creates is very dreary and sad.

    3. I think the poet wrote this to be funny because I laughed the entire time.

    4. This poem made me feel sad. The mood is dreary.

    5. The poem says Frankentsten is green and the poet said "I am green."
    that shows they are alike.

  2. 1. The picture is funny. The picture creates a funny filling
    2. The rhythm is slow but fast
    3. I think the rote this to make people laugh
    4.The pie mad me fell like they call him names
    5.they are both green and scary

  3. The picture in the story Not Frankenstein looks upset or kinda moody because people keep on calling him Frankenstein but he really isn't Frankenstein so he's feeling upest or angry about it.

  4. 1 the picture creates a sad and unpleasant feeling . 2 the rhythm is slow and the mood is mysterious and intriguing. 3 I think he wrote it to be silly and fun.4 it made me feel sad ,the mood is long and sad.5 they are alike because it says "My head is square". And Frankenstein's head is square.

  5. I think its calm and and gentle illustration. Its makes me feel easy,calm,and gentle.The rhythm is fast and smooth.It makes me feel excited and a little crazy.I think he wrote this to describe him self because it talks about how he has a stiff walk and a gruff talk. It made me feel excited because it was fast ands smooth.It says he has a stiff walk and a gruff talk, he said his head is square too.

  6. 1 it's funny. Mystery's because he is like Frankenstein.
    2 flowing. Peaceful.
    3 to be funny.
    4 it made me feel silly. Mystery's.
    5 he's green and has scar's.

  7. 1. I think it looks like a little animated. I think the mood the picture creates is like a serious mood.

    2. I think the rythem is slow but fast so like regular speed. I think rythem ryhmes make a happy but funny a little too mood.

    3. I think he wrote "Not Frankenstein" because people say he is "Frankenstiensque" when he is not the original Frankenstein , but acts like it a little.

    4. Reading "Not Frankenstein" made me feel happy. I think the mood is like funny and happy.

    5. They are alike because in the story it says my head is square where my hair starts my gruff talk, my stiff walk, even the way I sometimes "go ballistic" and that is all like Frankenstein.

  8. 1.the picture is suppose to resemble Frankenstein.I think that the mood is weird because you think that Frankenstein is scary and doing scary things but he is just sitting at a desk.
    2.I would describe the rhythm is calm.The mood it creates is kind of strange
    3.I think he wrote it to be funny,confuseing,and entertaining.
    4.It made me feel confused.The mood is strange.
    5."I'm completely assembled with spare parts." That is what it said in the story.

  9. 1. he looks sad and depreest becouse peaple dont come and see him. 2.the rythime seems kind of madsad becouse its slow. 3.he probly did make it for peaple to laughf at. 4. it makes me feel sad becous hes always loanly. 5.thier both creepy and green its funny thoah

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  11. 1. the picture is funny,it creates a non scary mood because he has glasses and is not killing anybody.

    2. the rhythm is kind of slow. it creates a more understandable mood.

    3. I think he wrote this to make people see a different side of frankenstien.

    4. it made me laugh because you think of frankenstien and you think of killing monster and this is the geek side of him.

    5. some things in the story that show he is like frankenstien is he has a square head.

  12. 1 The picture is weird because because it is a zombie.
    2 The rhythm is fast because he is happy.
    3 I think the poet wrote this to be for Halloween.
    4 The poem made me feel happy.The mood is funny.
    5 They both have a square head and are green.

  13. 1. The picture is very serious.I think this, because the way his hands are and the way he is sitting. His face is really serious to.

    2. The rhythm is up beat. The mood it creates is a very playful.

    3. I think she wrote " Not Frankenstein" to be funny, because when he says, "I'm not Frankenstein" he really IS Frankenstein! The poem is telling you reasons why he really is Frankenstein.

    4. Reading " Not Frankenstein " made me feel like I was ready for Halloween. So, it made me feel scared and happy, because looking and reading about Frankenstein makes me feel like the holiday Halloween. Halloween is all about monsters, like Frankenstein.

    5. The poem says," I'm completely assembled with spare parts. My head is square where my hair starts." Those are details that show that the character is like Frankenstein.

  14. 1.The picture is serious. It creates a serious mood because he looks like a professor. And he looks very strict.
    2. The rhythm I think is stop go.I think it creates a funny mood.
    3.I think she wrote this passege because it is getting closer to Halloween.
    4. It made me feel weird because this story was different then other Frankenstein.

    5. One detail is it says " my head is square." Also he is green in the picture

  15. 1.It looks like it was made of paper.It creates a happy mood.
    2.It has a medium speed rhythms. It

  16. 1.I think it's a very odd picture because the man is just staring at you. The mood is confusing and funny to because Calef Brown is Frankenstein but tells you he isn't a monster.

    2.The rhythm is upbeat and happy. A mood that goes with the rhythm and rymes is playfull because it is funny.

    3. I think the author of Calef Brown's not Frankenstein to make the readers laugh.

    4.The mood is funny because it made me laugh and feel goofy.

    5. The poem says that he was made of spare parts, has a square head where his hair starts,his gruff talk, stiff walk, and the way he sometimes goes balistic these make me think of Frankenstein.

  17. 1. The picture is strange. It creates a calm mood because he's just sitting there like a calm human .
    2. The rhythm is slow.The mood of the rhythm is sad .
    3.I think the poet wrote this to be like you don't gave to be like the others you can be yourself.
    4. The poem makes be feel Halloween and school spirit.happy
    5. Frankenstein is scary and goes ballistic and the poet says "I sometimes,go ballistic."

  18. 1.I think the picture in the poem Not Frankenstein creates the mood of laughter,funny, and happy.

    2.The rytheme of the poem is kinda fast and kinda slow at rhe same time

    3.I think the poem is wrote to be fun and funny because the picture looks like it's apoast to make you laugh

    4.The poem made me smile.The mood i think is happy.

    5.Because the picture of the poem looks like he is green and he is has stiches in his head and neck like the real Frankenstein.

  19. 1.i think the picture is weird because its a monster
    2.the rhythm is describing the actions
    3.I think the poem goes with Halloween
    4.the poem is meant to be spooky cause its almost Halloween
    5.they both have square heads and r green

  20. 1. I would describe the illustration as funny.The mood it gives off is weird because it does not resemble the terrifying Frankenstein.

    2.I would describe the rhythm as a "not to fast" beat .The mood that the rhythm and rhymes give off is a funny mood.

    3. He wrote this poem to entertain us.

  21. 1. I would describe the picture as odd because of Frankenstein. I would say the mood to be funny because it's Frankenstein and the picture is showing that he's head is squared and big for his body but when I think of Frankenstein I think of squared but smaller head.

    2. I would describe the rhythm to be weird because it's kinda sounds like a story is being told. I think the rhythm and rhymes make a mood such as weird because of what it says.