Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Friday

I hope you have had a great spring break.  When we return to school, we will be in the fast lane to finishing out fifth grade! YIKES!  You are almost middle schoolers.

What have you done this week?  I've cleaned my house, celebrated Carson's birthday, and read two books: Even if Not and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I'm working on my third book The Iron Trial, recommended by Max.

I am also working on a special blog feature for my personal blog. Teacher appreciation week is coming up in May and I want to post some stories about your favorite teachers.  If you have one (or if your parents do), please send those to me and they could be published on my personal blog.

Enjoy the last of your break.


  1. Mr.Cannon because he is funny by he talks like a funny voice and one he even one day we got to make ice cream and also he funny by making joke when we waited

  2. That's very nice of what you put up their! It's the one were it goes like this:
    To teach is to touch a life 4 ever!