Thursday, September 8, 2016

Class AR Rewards for Mrs. Grimes' Reading Class

Recently, I mentioned the AR Rewards offered by Ms. Rahm.  Below you will find the AR Rewards I offer in my reading class.  Students can earn both the library rewards and the classroom rewards.

100% of Goal - snack and a drink

10 Point Club – bookmark and pencil

25 Point Club – extra recess

50 Point Club – candy bar or coke

100 Point Club – free book ($5 maximum)

200 Point Club – free book ($10 maximum)

500 Point Club - $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Students can also earn other rewards (surprises) for meeting goals or staying on track throughout the year.

Mrs. Mosley and Mrs. Tucker are also using this reward system, so students who move classes throughout the year will have a consistent reward system.

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