Monday, October 17, 2016

10 Books Before Christmas Reading Challenge

Choose and read one book from each category below.  Record the book title and the AR score for each book.  Turn in to Mrs. Grimes on Friday, December 9. Only books tested over between October 17 and December 9 will count toward rewards. We will enjoy a fun activity for completing this challenge. All students who  complete the challenge will also be in a drawing to win a FREE book if their AVERAGE PERCENT CORRECT is 80% or higher.

o a graphic novel

o a book about an animal

o a book recommended by a friend, teacher, or parent

o a Caldecott Medal winner

o a book you can read in one day

o a biography

o a book with more than 200 pages

o a book about your favorite sport

o a Newberry Medal winner

o a Battle of the Books book

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