Friday, October 28, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Eat

I love Five Minute Friday so much that I have shared it with my students.  We've been "practicing" for a couple of weeks now.  They eagerly arrive to writing class each Friday asking, "Are we going to do Five Minute Friday?" or "What's our word this week?"  It makes this teacher's heart melt that they look forward to the writing prompt each week.

So, without further adieu, here is the first ever published prompts from my writing class!  Enjoy.

Eating food like protein helps you and your body. Last night, I had beef stew, its a stew with carrots, potatoes, meat, and I think that's it. White bread taste better than wheat bread, but wheat bread is better for you. Milk helps your muscles grow strong. Cheese is a dairy, it's also good, but if you eat to much of it you can get stopped up. One of my favorite foods to eat is hamburgers with ketchup or mayonnaise.
Written by Kylie

When I eat I like to be neat because it is nasty if you eat sloppy like a one year old. I like to eat hamburgers, spaghetti, tacos, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and more I eat like a neat 21 year old half of the time I don't want to eat because I'm not hungry because of dinner I get full.
Written By; Dariyn

Eat is a word you use for when you put something in your mouth and swallow. One time i went to eat dinner with my friend. Like to eat pizza and my mom eats salad. I eat noodles sometimes because it is good. My dad eats  tacos. My brother eats peanut butter and jelly. A cafe a is a place where you eat.
Written by; Dylan

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Figurative Language

Watch the following music video.  Identify any similes and metaphors you hear and explain their meanings.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Similes and Metaphors

10 Books Before Christmas Reading Challenge

Choose and read one book from each category below.  Record the book title and the AR score for each book.  Turn in to Mrs. Grimes on Friday, December 9. Only books tested over between October 17 and December 9 will count toward rewards. We will enjoy a fun activity for completing this challenge. All students who  complete the challenge will also be in a drawing to win a FREE book if their AVERAGE PERCENT CORRECT is 80% or higher.

o a graphic novel

o a book about an animal

o a book recommended by a friend, teacher, or parent

o a Caldecott Medal winner

o a book you can read in one day

o a biography

o a book with more than 200 pages

o a book about your favorite sport

o a Newberry Medal winner

o a Battle of the Books book

Figurative Language in Music

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Arts and Humanities: Please click


to find some links for your research.

Here is who is researching what:

Elementary Arts and Humanities

JASMINE - Elements of Music: Rhythm, timbre, melody, tempo, harmony, dynamics, etc

EVERYONE - Purposes and Styles of Music including Historical and Cultural Aspects

MEREDITH - Musical Instruments and Families

BROOKE - Famous Composers and Their Best Known Works – Emphasis on Gershwin, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Copland, Beethoven, Schubert

LILY -  Elements of Dance, Types of dance, and Appropriate Dance Wear

LILY  -  Dancers and Choreographers

MEREDITH - Drama: Elements, Production, and Performance, Age-appropriate Broadway Plays

REECE - Visual Arts: Elements, Principles of Design, Media, Processes

REECE - Purposes, Styles, Subject Matter, Historical Aspects

BROOKE - Famous Artists and Their Best Known Works – Emphasis on Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Pollock, Michelangelo, Seurat, Cassatt

JASMINE - Cultures: West African, Native American, American Folk, Colonial American dance, drama, visual art, and music

EVERYONE - Cultural Icons 1990-present