Friday, February 10, 2017

Classroom News

Student Led Conferences will be Thursday evening beginning at 3:30. These are NOT scheduled, so you may come and go as you wish. I will be leaving at 5:50 to attend my son’s conference at SES.  Thank you for understanding. 

Scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences will be Friday morning from 8 – 11.  If you have not scheduled a conference with a specific content area teacher and would like to, please do so immediately. 

Mark your calendars:
2/14 Valentine Celebration
2/15 Field Trip to FSHS High School Musical
2/16 Student Led Conferences
2/17 No School, Parent Teacher Conferences 8 – 11
2/20 No School, Presidents Day
2/27 Field Trip to SkyPac

If you send balloons or flowers for your child on Valentine’s Day, they will NOT be allowed on the bus. 

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There have been LOTS of notes sent home recently that have NOT been returned.  Students will get a mark on their behavior sheets when things are not signed and returned.  Many of these notes are about programs and trips that I must relate back to the office. 

If you have not yet sent $7 for the SkyPac field trip, please do so immediately.

January Birthdays (my apologies for being late)
Collin – 3
Garrett – 12
Jescey - 21
Robinson - 28
Dylan - 31
There are no February Birthdays.

Wish List
Clorox Wipes
Individually wrapped candy

Loose leaf notebook paper

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