Friday, March 3, 2017

Class News

March Birthdays
Christina - 14
Jessi – 22
Tucker – 26

Students are expected (and have at least 10-15 minutes) to go to the restroom every morning during homeroom.  Many students are waiting to go during their first class.  This has been the expectation since August.

Homework should be completed at home. Very little is given, yet many students are scrambling to get it done during homeroom each morning.  Students have 10- 30 minutes every afternoon before their bells ring to gather materials to go home and to begin work on homework.

Disrespect has become a major issue. Mrs. Pais announced that students who show disrespect will be sent to the office. Many students are rolling their eyes, backtalking, and throwing their behavior sheets at their teachers.

If your child is sick, they can NOT come back to school until they are 24 hours fever free.  Please do not give your child Tylenol/Motrin to bring down the temp so he/she can come to school.  Strep and Flu are still going around. 

Mark Your Calendars
March 9 – End of Quarter
March 10 – NO School/PLC Day for Teachers
March 20 – 21 – Learning Checks
March 30 – School Pictures

March 31 – Assembly

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