Thursday, May 4, 2017

Important News!

Please turn in the following things tomorrow:

Notes of Encouragement: A couple of weeks ago, I sent home envelopes with each student that contained 5 note cards for you to complete to encourage your child during KPREP testing.  I have only received a handful of those back.  I need those turned in tomorrow.  These cards will be passed out each morning before testing to motivate and encourage your child to work hard.

Good Faith Effort Contracts were sent home Monday. This must be turned in tomorrow.  The family contract stays home, but the student contract comes back to me.

We need donations of individually wrapped snacks and drinks for testing.  We need enough for each child to have one each of the 5 days of testing.  We have 25 students in our class.  I simply can not afford to provide snacks and drinks every day for every student.  Currently, I have had only 1 family donate. That donation is greatly appreciated.

Students should wear their KPREP T-Shirts tomorrow.  Students will also wear these shirts on May 10 and May 16.  

If your child is missing grades for a teacher, those are due tomorrow!  Teachers must have all grades posted by 3PM Friday.  Missing grades will be given a grade of 0% F. 

Mark your calendars for these important dates:

5/5     KPREP Pep Rally (wear your shirt)
5/10   KPREP Testing Begins (wear your shirt)
5/16   Last day of KPREP testing (wear your shirt)
5/18   Safety Program, Senior Walk
5/19   Awards Day @ 9:30, Talent Show @1:00
5/22   WOW Party, Battle of the Books Championship, Math Marathon
5/23   Field Day, Last Day of School

13 School Days Left!!!!!!

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